All Around My Hat
All For Me Grog
An Irishman's Epistle To The Officers And Troops At Boston
Aran's Lonely Home
Arthur McBride
As I Walked Out
At Twenty-One
Bachelor's Walk
Banna Strand
Barry's Column
Barrymore Tithe Victory, The
Belfast Brigade
Black And Tan Gun, The
Black Watch, The
Blarismoor Tragedy, The
Bold Belfast Shoemaker, The
Bold Black And Tan, The
Bold Robert Emmet
Boys Of Kilmichael, The
Boys Of Mullachbawn, The
Brave Tom Williams
Bring Them Home
Bye Bye Rangers
Cahir O'Doherty
Celtic Song, The
Celtic, Celtic
Coronation Cup, The
Courtin' In The Kitchen
Croppy Boy, The
D-Day Dodgers, The
Down Erin's Lovely Lee
Drunken Sailor
Dublin Fusiliers, The
Dying Rebel, The
Eppie Morrie
Fair At Turloughmore
Farmer Michael Hayes
Father Murphy
Father's Blessing
Fear a Bhata
Fenian Record Player, The
Fenians Escape, The
Fire Maringo
Flags Are Out For Celtic, The
Galway Bay
General Munroe
Gentlemen, The
Go On Home British Soldiers
Hackler From Grouse Hall, The
Helicopter Song, The
Henry Joy
Hills of Connemara, The
Ireland Divided
Ireland Unfree
Ireland's Fight For Freedom
Irish Free State, The
Irish Soldier Boy
Irish Soldier Laddie
Isle Of Arran
James Connolly (I)
James Connolly (II)
Joe MacManus
John Barleycorn
John Mitchel
John Thomson Song, The
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
Lakes of Pontchartrain
Last House In Our Street
Last Night I Had A Happy Dream
Legion Of The Rearguard, The
Let the People sing
Limerick Rake, The
Long Kesh
Long March To Derry, The
Manx Lullaby, The
Men Behind The Wire
Merry Ploughboy
O'Donnell Of Tipperary
On The Sea
Paddy's Lamentation
People's Own M.P, The
Price Of My Pig
Rambler From Clare, The
Ready for the Storm
Rifles of the I.R.A, The
Ripe and Bearded Barley
Rock On Rockall
Rocky Road To Dublin, The
Roddy McCorley (IIII)
Rory O'More
Rouse, Hibernians
Royal Blackbird, The
Rubber Bullets (for the ladies)
Say hello to the provos
Sean Sabhat of Garryowen
Sean van Voght
Searching for Lambs / As I went out one May morning
Sergeant's Lamentation, The
Set Ireland Free
Shall My Soul Pass Thru Old Ireland?
She Moved Through the Fair
Sing, Irishman, Sing
Siuil a ruin
Smashing of the van (Glasgow version)
Smashing of the van (Manchester version)
Sniper's Promise
Spancil Hill
Take It Down From The Mast
Take Me Home To Mayo
There Are No Pubs In Kirkintilloch
They Wounded Old Ireland
Tom Williams
Tone Is Coming Back Again
Tubbercurry / My favorite place on earth
Unfinished Revolution
Upton Ambush
Van Diemen's Land
Wearing Of The Green, The
Why I Follow Celtic
Women Of Ireland
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