Ireland's Fight For Freedom
In Ireland's fight for freedom, boys,
The North has played her part,
And though her day has yet to come,
We never yet must part,
We'll keep the fight until the end,
We know we cannot fail.

And there's the reason why today,
They keep our lads in Crumlin Jail,
So join the fight, you volunteers,
It cannot be denied.
That jail won't break their spirits down
They'd just as soon have died.
For England knows and England hates,
Our fearless Northern name.
And that's another reason why,
They keep our lads in Crumlin Jail.

We give to Ireland Owen Roe,
We give them Shane O'Neill,
And Tone and Mitchell made a vow,
That England still would yield,
McKelvey did not die in vain,
He was a Northern Gael.

McCracken came from Belfast town,
McCorry from the Bann,
And brave Harry Munro at Ballynahinch,
But, for his native land,
Tom Williams died on scaffold high,
His name shall never fail.