Rouse, Hibernians
Rouse, Hibernians, from your slumbers!
See the moment just arrived
Imperious tyrants for to humble
Our French brethren are at hand.

Vive la, United heroes,
Triumphant always may they be,
Vive la, our gallant brethren
That have come to set us free.

Erin´s sons, be not faint-hearted
Welcome, sing then "Ca ira",
From Killala they are marching
To the tune of "Vive la".

To arms quickly, and be ready,
Join the ranks and never flee,
Determined stand by one another
And from tyrants you´ll be free.

Cruel tyrants who oppressed you,
Now with terrors see their fall!
Then bless the heroes who caress you,
The Orange now goes to the wall.

Apostate Orange, why so dull now?
Self-willed slaves, why do you frown?
Sure you might know how Irish freemen
Soon would put your Orange down