Sniper's Promise
The night was icy cold I stood along
I was waiting for an army foot patrol
And when at last they came into my site
I squeezed the trigger of my armalite

Oh Mama, oh Mama comfort me
For I know these things have got to be
But when the war for freedom has been won
I promise you I'll put away my gun.

A shot rang out, I heard a soldier cry
"Oh please don't leave me here alone to die"
I realized his patrol had run away
And left their wounded comrade for me to slay.

"There's nothing in this world I would not do
If there's mercy in your heart you'll let me live"
And in his eyes I saw a look of pain
As the mussel of my gun moved towards his brain.

The dawn was breaking as I reached my base
I will not forget the look on that boy's face
Fear, agony, and torment where all there
Oh but to your memory, mother, his life I spared.