Say hello to the provos
Say hello to the Provos, say hello to the brave,
Say hello to the Provos and Ireland shall be saved.

Well it all happened in 71,
When Internment had begun,
And we were taken by the point of a gun,
Remember, we shall remember.

Now many a battle has been fought and won,
Many a home has lost a son,
Long Kesh's gates shall soon be undone,
Remember, we shall remember.

The UFF and the SAS
Assassinations at their best,
Innocent people they put ot their deaths,
Remember, we shall remember.

Daithi O'Connell we honour your name,
Those British patrols you put them to shame,
For Stormont's downfall you were to blame,
Remember, we shall remember.

So put your faith in the Provos, put your faith in the brave,
Put your faith in the Provos and Ireland shall be saved.