Bachelor's Walk
You true-born sons of Erin´s Isle, come listen to my song,
My tale is one of sorrow but I won´t detail you long,
Concerning the murderous outrage that took place in Dublin Town
When a cowardly regiment was let loose to shoot our people down.

On the 26th of July, the truth I´ll tell to you,
The Irish Volunteers all swore their enemies to subdue,
They marched straight out to Howth and soon the people were alarmed
When they heard the glorious new Pur Irish Volunteers are armed.

The crowds they all kept cheering on as our brave defenders passed
But their cheers were stopped by an outrage which for some time did last.
Our gallant men, the Volunteers, were met in front and rear,
By the King´s Own Scottish cowards who are doomed for everywhere.

God save our gallant Captain Judge, the hero of the band
Who nearly gave his precious life for the just cause of our land
In spite of terrible injuries and weak from loss of blood,
He fondly hugged his rifle grand the prize of his brotherhood

Next in the list of heroes is the scout so well renowned,
With the butt end of his rifle felled a Borderer to the ground,
He disarmed him of his weapons and soon made his escape,
By climbing a wall in Fairview, for his young life was at stake.

The Dublin Police were ordered the Volunteers for to subdue,
But O´neill and Gleeson boldly replied: "Such a thing we decline to do.
For the fight against our countrymen would on us put a stain,
For we wish to see our native land a Nation Once Again."

On Bachelor´s Walk a scene took place, which I´m sure had just been planned.
For the cowardly Scottish Borderers turned and fired without command.
With bayonets fixed they charged the crowd and left them in their gore,
But their deeds will be remembered in Irish hearts for evermore.

God rest the souls of those who sleep apart from earthly sin,
Including Mrs. Duffy, James Brennan and Patrick Quinn;
But we will yet avenge them and the time will surely come,
That we´ll make the Scottish Borderers pay for the cowardly deeds they've done