Tubbercurry / My favorite place on earth
It's a cold Chicago morning
The snow was falling down
It's a special time of year
When my family gather round
When they ask about my hometown
My thoughts begin to flow.
To the place called Tubbercurry
That I left so long ago.

I tell them about the beauty
Of the mountain and the bog
Bout many days spent fishing
Or hunting with my dog
I still can see the sunshine
Dancing on the River Moy
On this dark and wintry morning
Out here in Illinois

I remember early mornings
And going to the fair
Through ponies, sheep and cattle
I'd walk without a care
The town was black with people
Then upon those special days
'Twas a wondrous time of life
In so many, many ways

I remember frosty evenings
And the foxes lonely bark
I remember days spent at the turf
And the sweet song of the lark
On hot and lazy afternoons
We'd work hard at the hay
And look back in the evenings
At the work we did all day

I remember summer Sundays with
My comrades playing ball
I remember stormy winter nights
Going to Ceilis in the hall
And we'd see the town in falling snow
Decked out in Christmas lights
And the music of South Sligo
Came drifting through the night

I still see Tubbercurry
under golden skies
and the day I left the station
with tears in my eyes
But someday soon I'll go back
To the town of my birth
To Tubbercurry county Sligo
My favorite place on earth