The Black Watch
You've heard about the B-men, the cruel RUC
You've heard about the black'n'tans in bygone history
Well there's another regiment the devil calls his own
They're known as the Black Watch commissioned by the thrown.

Strolling down the Falls road with riot guns and gas
Terrorizing women as they're coming out of mass
A shower of Scottish traitors we never will forget
Thank god we know the IRA will shoot the bastards dead.

These soldiers come from Scotland, a place we all know well
From the hardest parts of Glasgow where the `Teddy Bears' do dwell
They're given a British uniform and given a British gun
They join a British regiment just to have themselves some fun.

When I grow up and marry, I'll have a little son
I'll tell him about the regiment and the terrible things they've done
And when he gets older, becomes a man like me
He'll join the Provisional IRA and set old Ireland free