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Gift card
I will draw one gift card for a downloadable CD on christmas eve. Comment on this post to be a part of the drawing!...  Read more
Welcome to the new Celtic Lyrics Collection
TCLC will integrate most of it's content with Spotify and Youtube. For artists there will be a Wikipedia integration. The integr...  Read more
Make it number one in Ireland
They refuse to play the Wolfetones on Irish radio so join the campaign to change this ridiculous policy. They are releasing a ne...  Read more
A Nation once again
Voters from 155 countries / islands have chosen A NATION ONCE A AGAIN as number ONE on the BBC World Top Ten list! White Chri...  Read more
A few changes
First of all the forum is removed. The "Guestbook" works much better ;-) I've replaced the search engine with a Googl...  Read more
New additions
I've done some mainteance today. Added new lyrics, updated existing ones and deleted a few broken links. A friend will help me...  Read more
Still here
We're still here, and we will always be here (just some kind of slow when it comes to updates)...  Read more
Someone is at the moment sending spam using @celtic-lyrics.com mail adresses. I will do what I can do to stop it....  Read more