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Éire Óg
Oh I'll sing a song,
Of the bravest men!
That famous fighting unit from Armagh (TIOCFAIDH AR LA)
They are the men,
From Crossmaglen,
Amongst the bravest Irelands ever saw

In Crossmaglen,
The fire burns true.
The patriotic flame will never die.
And when you hear the battle cry
It will be the fighting men from Crossmaglen

At night you hear,
Bazookas roar,
Armalites are heard across the land.
The IRA,
Their spirits soar
They know the reckonin has come to hand


The British scum,
They do fear,
Never again they'll see their cursed shore.
Because they know
They'll pay dear,
And the RA will even Irelands bloody score.


We'll not give up!
Oh Will we fuck!
Until we're free!
Until Irelands out of British hands.
We'll never rest,
Until we see,
The tyrants rule driven from our land (TIOCFAIDH AR LA!)
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