The Rambler from Clare
I am a young fellow that's very well known,
I've wandered throughout Ireland, the County Tyrone.
For work I've been searching, through Cork and Kildare,
but there's never the job for the rambler from Clare.

I've been throughout Ireland with no brogues on my feet,
I was stranded in Sligo with nothing to eat.
So in desperation, I borrowed my fare
and said goodbye to Ireland from the Rambler from Clare.

On the boat leaving Ireland I went to the bar,
where a big red-faced agent stood me a jar.
He said up in Scotland, they're building dams there
and there's plenty of work for the Rambler from Clare.

I went to Auk Island and dug a big hole,
it was half a mile dep and I felt like a mole.
It held ten million gallons of water I swear
and most of it sweat from the Rambler from Clare.

They say that my equal was never to be seen,
they called me the Horse and the Digging Machine.
The gangermen all loved me and the agents did swear,
you'll not see the end of the Rambler from Clare.

But now I am old and my fire has gone cold,
in another foue years I'll be fifty years old.
All worn out and finished but what do they care,
they've had all they want from the Rambler from Clare.

Yes, they've had all they want from the Rambler from Clare.