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Reynard the Fox
On the first day of Spring in the year ninety-three
the first recreation was in this country,
the King's County gentleman o'er hills, dales and rocks,
they rode out so jovially in search of a fox.


Tally-ho, hark away, tally-ho, hark away, tally ho, hark away, boys, away

When Reynard first started be faced Tullamore,
Arklow and Wicklow along the seashore,
he kept his brush in view every yard of the way,
and it's straight he took his course through the streets of Roscrea.


But Reynard, sly Reynard, he lay hid that night,
they swore they would watch him until the daylight,
early the next morning the woods they did resound,
with the echo of horns and the sweet cry of hounds.


When Reynard was started he faced to the hollow,
where none but the hounds and footmen could follow,
the gentlemen cried: "watch him, watch him, what shall we do?
If he makes it to the rocks then he will cross Killatoe!"


Bur Reynard, sly Reynard, away he did run,
away from the huntsman, away from the gun,
the gentleman cried: "home, boys, there's nothing we can do,
for Reynard is away and our hunting is through."

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