On the Blanket
Mick Hanley, Christy Moore
The truth comes hard as the cold rain
On your face in the heat of the storm
And the stories I'm hearing would shock you
To believe that such deeds can go on

You can starve men and take all their clothing
You can beat them up till they fall
You can break up the bodies but never the spirit
Of those on the blanket

The truth must be told so I'll tell it
It all began five years ago
Ciaran Nugent refused to be branded
A criminal and to wear prison clothes

They threw him out naked to H-Block
And spat out filthy abuse
And they left him awake till the cold light of day
With only a blanket

England, your sins are not over
The H-Block still stands in your name
And though many voices have cried out to you
It's still your shame

If we stay silent we're guilty
While these men lie naked and cold
In H-Block tonight remember the fight
Of those on the blanket