Here's a great night
Stef Sigfalk
Here's a great night, I feel like a king
My breast's full of sunshine, my heart wants to sing
Now is the time, a good day is done
Come my friends let's play and have fun

Just take what comes easy, the best things come free
For trouble did never come easy to me
A toast to the good times, let go of the rest
For tonight a smile is the best

Who's in the mood to have a good time
I've good words to spare for a cobber of mine
Raise up your glass and sip the good brew
Take a spell from what you've been through

If your day was tough and your luck let you down
Don't make the mistake to believe you're alone
If troubles while working or fights with your friend
Most of that comes right in the end

Me and my girl don't always agree
If I lose my temper she stings like a bee
But when the top's blown we usually talk
Then make peace and go for a walk

So come close my darling and cuddle me tight
My word, i's the best way to end a good fight
You pick up your pieces and I'll pick up mine
Fill your glass with whiskey or wine