I have a son
Stef Sigfalk
Caring for someone that's long out of vision
Far out of reach from your love
Takes you through some mindbraking, heartshaking times
Yes I can tell, I know it well

Didn't you too have that same old temptation
Probably tried many times
To forget by hiding your head in the sand
Your love is there, it hides nowhere

I tell you don't hide, never put aside
Because it's there, you'll always care

Long time ago, I can clearly remember
The warmth of that child in my arms
Twenty years ago I was there when he came
I had a son, felt like I'd won

We had some good times and also some bad ones
Later we drifted apart
Now he's on that same, high horse I knew so well
What can he do? Hard for him too

He's out of reach now, doesn't want to know
Well I still care, my love is there

How does he feel on his twentieth birtday
Has he a confident view
Is he treated well by what life has in store
Perhaps one day, he'll come my way

Changes in life may be full of hard feelings
Noone knows what to expect
Still a thing or two that no changing will change
I have a son, whatever come

I tell you don't hide, never put aside
One of these days, things come our ways

No more will I hide, never put aside
I have a son, what ever come