Red headed Bee
Stef Sigfalk
One fine bright morning as I went a-fishing
I followed the cattle track down to the sea
Along the green ridges and through the black gully
And there lay my little boat waiting for me
Down from the bay I could smell the salt waters
The morning sun spread its first rays on the sea
I caught a glimpse of a red headed girl
On the shore near my boat sat Belinda Mc'Gee

I hurried down as fast as my feet could take me
For something was wrong, that I clearly could see
Bewildered and breathless I stood there before her
Tears covered the face of Belinda Mc'Gee
Kneeling beside her and anxious to know
I could hear distant cries from the seagulls above
Then she looked up and her lips started mowing
She wispered that I was her only true love

Since I was young and could walk the black gully
My trustiest friend was Belinda Mc'Gee
She showed me the creatures and plants of the moores
But the beauty of love she discovered with me
Countless the days where the wild mountain Thyme
And the heather around us our sweet love did see
But now she said that her father was leaving
And with him was taking my red headed Bee

Many a kinfolk from our green island
Have hoped for a better life over the sea
Away to America our neighbours did wander
The land that has taken Belinda from me
Oceans are wide and my boat is too brittle
I cannot cross over my darling to see
Here I must stay till I rest in the graveyard
Forever without my sweet red headed Bee