Not the first time
Stef Sigfalk
She's going away at the age of fifteen
To a shore far away from her crowd
To find different structures, a different scene
In the land of the long white cloud

Not the first time a young person leaves home
Way back once her father to be
As youngster was fed up and started to roam
In New Zealand he found himself free

The new world was scary but people were there
Their open hearts opened his fist
His new friends in short time made him aware
Of togetherness that he had missed

Well that was back then and this is right now
The reflection comes fast to a dad
When it is clear that he must let her go
A bit worried for sure but not sad

Easy she says, just you take off my weight
Some agression there in her voice
Hard to let go of a young daughters fate
And leave it to be her own choice

Will she touch peoples hearts, will they touch hers
When she her free will is allowed
She'll find a new track, for better or worse
In the land of the long white cloud