Never too early
Stef Sigfalk
Hey, it is never too early to fly
You can do what you want to the sooner you try
Sure you might fall on your face
May even have to give up
And maybe that will make you cry
But it's never too early to try

Weep, if you feel there is grief in your heart
You will leave grief behind you the sooner you start
Love can bring tears to the eye
Still it is what we need most
Love whicht no money can buy
It is never too early to cry

Sigh, bid farewell and let go if you must
It is hard to let go of the friends that we trust
Some have to leave, some must die
I find it hard to accept
But there's always a final good bye
And it's never too early to sigh

Well, I keep trying to see my flight through
Hold my head straight and try is the best I can do
When will I know how to fly?
Never quite made it so far
God, I often wish I knew why
But it's never too early to try