SAM Song
Gerry O'Glacain
Well I have been a Provo now for 15 years or more
with armalites and mortorbombs I thought I knew the score
But now we have a weapon, we've never used before
The Brits are looking worried - and their going to worry more!

Tiocfaidh Ar La, sing Up the Ra
SAM Missiles in the sky

I started off with petrol bombs and throwing bricks and stones
With a hundred more lads like me I never was alone
But soon I learned that bricks and stones won't drive the Brits away
It wasn't very long before I joined the IRA

Then there came Internment in the year of '71
The Brits thought we were beaten, that we were on the run
On that early August morning they kicked in our back door
but for every man they took away, they missed a hundred more

I spent eight years in the cages, I had time to think and plan
for though they locked away a boy, I walked out a man
and there's only one thing that I learned while in their cell I lay
the Brits will never leave us, until they're blown away!

All through the days of hunger strike I watched my comrades die
while in the streets of Belfast you could hear the women cry
I can't forget the massacre that Friday at Loughgall
I salute my fallen comrades, as I watch the coppers fall