My Heart Is In Ireland
Brian Warfield
In the East End of London I met an old man
He kept a bar called The Horses and Tram
My parents were Irish, they loved that dear land
The cockney he smiled and he shook my old hand

My heart is in Ireland, it´s there I long to be
Her hills and her valleys are calling to me
Though born here in this land, my heart is in Ireland
The land of the old folk is calling to me.

Near a coalmine in Wales by a roadside cafe
A young girl came smiling to me and did say
Well, my folks are from Ireland me dad he hopes one day
When he leaves the mines sure we´ll go back to stay

Then I went through the midlands to each city and town
I found there were Irish in each place I roamed
And I drank and I sang in a pub they called The Crown
With the Birmingham Irish we sang songs of home

Then I went north to Scotland to Glasgow on the Clyde
I met with some young lads, said Celtic´s our side
All our folks are from Ireland, the island of the green
That country we love, but it's a place we´ve not seen.