Dermot Henry
Come all ye lads and lassies and sit you down with me,
And I will tell the truth about a land that`s dear to me,
You`ve read it in the papers and you`ve seen it on TV,
But I will spell it out for you, what Ireland means to me.

I is for internment of the innocent and free
R is for resistance to the laws of tryany
E is for the English who have torn our land apart
L is for the love of freedom in every Irish heart
A is for the answer we`re all searching for
N is for one nation and an end to this long war
D is for the dream of millions longing to be free.
That`s how I spell Ireland, that`s what Ireland means to me.

This land was once respected for it`s saints and scolars too
But now the bomb and bullet that`s all that makes the news
I know that it`s confusing and it`s hard to understand,
But I will spell it out for you by spelling Ireland