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The Gallows
Westan James
It stands alone against the sky
where seawinds blow and seabirds fly
a darkened and foreboding tree
bet your purse it waits for me

the gallows wait, against the sky
the gallows wait, where seabirds fly
the gallows wait, foreboding tree
the gallows wait, it waits for me

Cold, alone, sway with the wind
Pray its not for you my friend
tho' tis true that I have sinned
this was not meant to be my end

the gallows wait, with the wind
the gallows wait, for you my friend
the gallows wait, for I have sinned
the gallows wait, to be my end

I will not abandon hope
to yet avoid that sturdy rope
ev'n while you dance outside my cell
and think that I will go to hell

the gallows wait, abandon hope
the gallows wait, a sturdy rope
the gallows wait, outside my cell
the gallows wait, I'll go to Hell!

Upon these walls a true confession,
thieving was my last profession,
I did not take her ring in flight
I stole away his wedding night
Just make it clear thats why I died..
then wipe the tears all from her eyes..
I stretched before I e'r was tried..
my life was purchased with his lies..

the gallows wait
the gallows wait
the gallows wait
the gallows wait....
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