Daddy Is Gone To The Fair
Francis A Fahy
Daddy´s gone off to the fair
Just before daylight was peeping, O
Daddy went off on the mare
While his wee laddy was sleeping, O

What will he bring from the fair?
What will he bring for his laddy O?
Fairin´s he bring on the mare
Fairin´s for Mammy and Daddy O

The best top they have in the town:
And a whistle to set the house crazy O
A stool by the fire to sit down
When somebody´s sleepy and lazy O

A ballad about Granuaile;
A paper with all the grand news in it
How Ireland is winning the day
And how her ould enemy´s losing it.

When he comes back from the fair
Oh ´tis we will then have the merry go!
He´ll hoist his boy up in the air
And show him the shores of America.

He´ll take him on top of his knee
And trot him round Ireland and home again:
Over the hills to Kilkee,
And back by the boreen he´ll come again.

He´ll call him his pet and his star
As if no one loved him as well as he
He´ll kiss him a thousand times o´er
Til Mammy is dying with jealousy!

Troth, it is the time he was here
Lonesome and long you´ve been waiting him
And here´s the potatoes so clear
Asking us when we´ll be ating ´em.

Arrah! Who is that out at the gate?
Who is that calling for Paddy O?
Let us run out or we´re late!
Who´ll be the first to meet Daddy O?