1984Justin Sullivan
40 Shades Of BlueLarry Kirwan
A Begging I Will GoTraditional
A Breath of PeaceAdrian Fox
A Day In EirinnMichael Scanlan
A Jug Of PunchTraditional
A Man You Don't Meet Every DayTraditional
A Man's A ManRobert Burns
A Nation Once AgainThomas Osbourne Davis
A Pair Of Brown EyesShane MacGowan
A Place In The ChoirBill Staines
A Prudent ThiefCindy Vanous
A Rainy Night In SohoShane MacGowan
A Rebel SongJames Connolly
A Soldier's SongPeadar Kearney
A Song Of The Loyal IrishBrian O'Higgins
A Trace Boy On Ligoniel HillHugh Quinn
A Walk in the Irish RainS Spurgin
Aiden McAnespieGerry Cunningham
AliensHugh O'Neill
All Around My HatUnknown
All For Me GrogUnknown
All I HaveEleanor McEvoy
All song is sungStefan Arndt
American WakeLarry Kirwan
Among The LivingTim MacGlashen
An alarc'hTraditional
An Bhean Udaí Thall - Leagan a hAon (I)Traditional
An Bhean Udaí Thall - Leagan a Trí (III)Traditional
An Bhean Udaídh Thall - Leagan a Dó (II)Traditional
An cailín deas ógTraditional
An Cailín GaelachTraditional
An Irish LullabyJ R Shannon
An Irishman's Epistle To The Officers And Troops At BostonUnknown
An RoghainnSomhairle Mac 'ill Eathain
Angel of Delight, TheAndy McLarney
Aragon Mill, TheSi Kahn
Aran's Lonely HomeUnknown
AriaMick O'Brien
Arthur McBrideUnknown
As I Roved OutTraditional
As I Walked OutUnknown
At Twenty-OneUnknown
Auld Lang SyneRobert Burns
Auld Triangle, TheBrendan Behan
Báidin FheilidhmidhTraditional
Bachelor's WalkUnknown
Back Home In DerryBobby Sands
Ballad Of St Anne's ReelDavid Mallett
Ballad Of The Sea, TheMarc Gunn, Andrew McKee
Baloo BaleerieTraditional
Band Played Waltzing Matilda, TheEric Bogle
Bandit Song, TheWestan James
Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee, TheDick Forbes, J. C. Flanahan
Banks Of Newfoundland, TheTraditional
Banks Of The Roses, TheTraditional
Banna StrandUnknown
Bard Of Armagh, TheTraditional
Barleycorn, TheTraditional
Barnyards Of DelgatyTraditional
Barry's ColumnUnknown
Barrymore Tithe Victory, TheUnknown
Beer Beer BeerTraditional
Belfast BrigadeUnknown
Bewitchin' BrendaD. Miller
Big Fellah, TheLarry Kirwan
Birmingham SixShane MacGowan
Black '47Larry Kirwan
Black And Tan Gun, TheUnknown
Black Cavalry, TheTraditional
Black is the ColorChristy Moore
Black RoseLarry Kirwan
Black Velvet Band, TheTraditional
Black Watch, TheUnknown
Blantyre ExplosionTraditional
Blarismoor Tragedy, TheUnknown
Blind Mary / Her Dear Old DonegalLarry Kirwan
Blood all on the grassSue Neaves, Stefan Arndt
Blood Red RosesTraditional
Blood WeddingLarry Kirwan
Blow Ye WindsSarah Makem
Blue Bird, TheCharles Villiers Stanford
Blue HeavenPhilip Chevron, Darryl Hunt
Bobby Sands MPLarry Kirwan
Bold Belfast Shoemaker, TheUnknown
Bold Black And Tan, TheUnknown
Bold Fenian Men, TheMichael Scanlan
Bold O'DonahueTraditional
Bold Robert EmmetUnknown
Bonfire On The Border, TheBrian O'Higgins
Bonnie DundeeTraditional
Botany BayTraditional
Both Sides The TweedDick Gaughan
BoulavoguePatrick Joseph McCall
Boys From The County HellShane MacGowan
Boys Of Kilmichael, TheUnknown
Boys Of Mullachbawn, TheUnknown
Boys of the Old Brigade, TheTraditional
Boys Of Wexford, TheR. D. Joyce
Brave Tom WilliamsUnknown
Brawl of Britannia, TheRune Larsen
Brennan On The MoorTraditional
Brian BórúAlan Stivell
Bring Them HomeUnknown
British Army, TheTraditional
Broad Black Brimmer, TheNoel Nagle
Brothers In ArmsMark Knopfler
Buachaill ón ÉirneTraditional
Burke's DreamJames Conway
But all the girlsStefan Arndt
Butcher Boy, TheTraditional
By Peter KerrivanHugh Scott
Bye Bye RangersUnknown
Cúnla (Irish Gaelic version)Traditional
Cad é sin do'n té sinTraditional
Cahir O'DohertyUnknown
Caislean ÓirClannad
Cam Ye By AthollTraditional
Cam Ye O'er Frae FranceTraditional
Cape of Good HopeStian Tønnesen
Captain, My CaptainStef Sigfalk
Carrickfergus (II)Traditional
Carrickfergus (III)Traditional
Casadh Cam na FeadarnaíTraditional, Pádraigin Ní Uallachain
Celtic Song, TheUnknown
Celtic SymphonyBrian Warfield
Celtic, CelticUnknown
Champion At Keeping Them RollingEwan MacColl
Children Of The DoleThe Sands Family
Clare's DragoonsThomas Osbourne Davis
Cobbler, TheTraditional
Cockies Of Bungaree, TheTraditional
Cod Liver OilTraditional
Cold Blow And The Rainy NightTraditional
Cold Rain and SnowTraditional
Come A' Ye Tramps An' HawkersTraditional
Come Out Ye Black And TansDominic Behan
Come To The BowerTraditional
Congo RiverTraditional
Coronation Cup, TheUnknown
Cotton FieldsShane MacGowan
Courtin' In The KitchenUnknown
Courtin' In The KitchenTraditional
Cragie HillsTraditional
Craic Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man, TheBarney Rush
Croppy Boy, TheTraditional
Croppy Boy, TheUnknown
Croppy Boy, TheCarroll Malone
CrossmaglenÉire Óg
Cruiscín LánTraditional
Cuach mo lon dubh buíAltan
Cullins of Rhum, TheTraditional
Dónal agus MóragTraditional
D-Day Dodgers, TheUnknown
Daddy Is Gone To The FairFrancis A Fahy
Dainty DavyTraditional
Danny BoyTraditional
Danny BoyLarry Kirwan
Danny FarrellPete St. John
Dark IniseoghainTraditional
Dark Streets Of LondonShane MacGowan
Dear Old IrelandTimothy Daniel Sullivan
DesperateLarry Kirwan
Dicey ReillyTraditional
Different DrummerLarry Kirwan
Dirty Old TownEwan MacColl
Don't Get MarriedLeon Rosselson
Donegal DannyPhil Coulter
Down By The GlensidePeadar Kearney
Down By The LiffeysidePeadar Kearney
Down by the Sally GardensWilliam Butler Yeats
Down Erin's Lovely LeeUnknown
DreamcatcherNikki Matheson
Drink It Up MenTraditional
Drunken SailorUnknown
Dublin Fusiliers, TheUnknown
Dumbarton's DrumsTraditional
Dust My BluesElmor James
Dying Rebel, TheUnknown
Easy And SlowTraditional
Eileen AroonTraditional
Eileen OgPercy French
EnchantedAndy McLarney
Enniskillen Dragoons, TheTraditional
Eoghainín Ó RagadáinAltan
Eppie MorrieUnknown
Erin Go BraghPeadar Kearney
Erin's Green ShoreMick Moloney
Fair At TurloughmoreUnknown
Fairytale Of New YorkShane MacGowan
Famine Ship, TheAdrian Fox
Fanatic HeartLarry Kirwan
Far Away In AustraliaTraditional
Farewell To CarlingfordTommy Makem
Farmer Michael HayesUnknown
Father MurphyUnknown
Father's BlessingUnknown
Fear a BhataUnknown
Fenian Record Player, TheUnknown
FeniansChris Byrne
Fenians Escape, TheUnknown
Fiddlers GreenJohn Connolly
Fields of Athenry, ThePete St. John
Finnegans WakeTraditional
Fire MaringoUnknown
Fire Of FreedomLarry Kirwan
Fisherman's DreamJohn Martyn
Fisherman's Song, TheAndy M. Stewart
Flags Are Out For Celtic, TheUnknown
Flower Of Scotland, TheRoy Williamson
Flower Of Sweet Strabane, TheTraditional
Foggy Dew, TheTraditional
Follow me up to CarlowPatrick Joseph McCall
For What Died The Sons Of RóisínLuke Kelly
Forgotten HeroAndy Irvine
Forty Shades of GreenJohnny Cash
Four Green FieldsTommy Makem
Free Joe NowChris Byrne, Larry Kirwan
Free The PeoplePhil Coulter, Bill Martin
Freedom's On The WallabyHenry Lawson
From Clare To HereRalph McTell
Funky Ceílí (Bridie's Song)Larry Kirwan
Gallant Forty Twa, TheTraditional
Gallows, TheWestan James
Galway BayUnknown
Galway CityTraditional
Galway RacesTraditional
Garvaghy RoadPete St. John, Shebeen
General MunroeUnknown
Gentleman Soldier, TheTraditional
Gentlemen, TheUnknown
Give Ireland Back To The IrishPaul McCartney
Gleanntáin Ghlas' Ghaoth DobhairProinsias Ó Maonaigh
Go Home PaddyLarry Kirwan
Go On Home British SoldiersUnknown
Go To Sea No MoreTraditional
God Save IrelandTimothy Daniel Sullivan
Goodbye MickTraditional
Green and OrangeV. Sheffer, T. Sheaffer, B. Colgan
Green And The White And The Gold, TheTeresa Brayton
Green Fields Of FranceEric Bogle
Green GravelTraditional
Green grow the rushesTraditional
Guide me to my goldStef Sigfalk
H-Block Song, TheFrancie Brolly
Hackler From Grouse Hall, TheUnknown
Hats Off To BeerJim Nelson
Haughs Of Cromdale, TheTraditional
Haul Away JoeTraditional
Heave Away, My JohnnyTraditional
Helicopter Song, TheUnknown
Henry JoyUnknown
Her Dear Old DonegalLarry Kirwan
Here's a great nightStef Sigfalk
Heroine Of Ross, TheWilliam Rooney
Hi For The BeggarmanTraditional
High GermanyTraditional
Hills of Connemara, TheUnknown
Holy Ground, TheTraditional
Home by BearnaTraditional
Hot AsphaltTraditional
I have a sonStef Sigfalk
I Know Who Is SickJoan Clancy, Pat Clancy
I Loved The Ground She Walked UponTraditional
I Wish I Was Back In LiverpoolStan Kelly, Leon Rosselson
I'll Tell Me MaTraditional
I'm A RoverTraditional
I.R.E.L.A.N.DDermot Henry
If I Should Fall From Grace With GodShane MacGowan
If you're home before meStef Sigfalk
In Alabama 1958Ewan MacColl
Informer, TheGerry Breslin
InishfreeHugh O'Neill
Ireland DividedUnknown
Ireland UnfreeUnknown
Ireland's Fight For FreedomUnknown
Ireland, Boys, Hurrah !Michael Scanlan
Irish Free State, TheUnknown
Irish Molly OTraditional
Irish Navy, TheRonnie Drew, Luke Kelly
Irish Rover, TheTraditional
Irish Soldier BoyUnknown
Irish Soldier LaddieUnknown
Irish Ways And Irish LawsJohn Gibbs
Island GirlAltan
Isle Of ArranUnknown
Isn't It Grand BoysTraditional
Jackets Green, TheMichael Scanlan
James ConnollyLarry Kirwan
James Connolly (I)Unknown
James Connolly (II)Unknown
Jeannie CSt. Rogers
Jimmy, dearest JimmyTraditional
Joe MacManusUnknown
Joe McCannEamonn O'Doherty
Joe McDonnellBrian Warfield
John BarleycornUnknown
John MitchelUnknown
John Thomson Song, TheUnknown
Johnny CopeTraditional
Johnny I Hardly Knew YeUnknown
Johnny LadTraditional
Johnny McGoryPete St. John
Johnny's Gone To HiloTraditional
Johnson's Motor CarTraditional
Jolly Tinker, TheTraditional
Jug Of ThisTraditional
Kelly The Boy From KillanPatrick Joseph McCall
Kerry Recruit, TheTraditional
Kevin BarryTraditional
KilkellyPeter Jones
KilliecrankieRobert Burns
Lakes of PontchartrainUnknown
Lammas Tide, TheTraditional
Land Of DeValeraLarry Kirwan
Lanigan's BallTraditional
Lark In The Morning, TheTraditional
Las Vegas in the Hills of DonegalPete Gallagher
Last House In Our StreetUnknown
Last Night I Had A Happy DreamUnknown
Last Of The Great Whales, TheAndy Barnes
Leaving NancyEric Bogle
Leaving Of Liverpool, TheTraditional
Legion Of The Rearguard, TheUnknown
Leis an LurrighanTraditional
Let Erin RememberThomas Moore
Let the People singUnknown
Lid Of My Granny's BinJoe Mulhearn
Lifeboat Mona, ThePeggy Seeger
Limerick Is BeautifulMichael Scanlan
Limerick Rake, TheUnknown
Little Beggarman, TheTraditional
Livin' In AmericaLarry Kirwan
Loch LomondTraditional
Long KeshUnknown
Long March To Derry, TheUnknown
Lord FranklinTraditional
Lord NelsonTommy Makem
Lord Of The DanceSydney Carter
Losin' ItLarry Kirwan
Louse House Of Kilkenny, TheTraditional
Love Is PleasingTraditional
Love You 'til the EndDarryl Hunt
Lowlands Low, TheTraditional
Lowlands Of Holland, TheTraditional
Luck Of The Irish, TheJohn Lennon, Yoko Ono
Luke, A TributeMichael O'Caoimh
MacushlaRowe, MacMurrough
Maid In A GarretTraditional
Maid of Coolmore, TheTraditional
Maid of Fife-E-OTraditional
Maid Of The Sweet Brown Knowe, TheTraditional
Maids When You're YoungTraditional
Mairi´s WeddingTraditional
Man From God-Knows Where , TheFlorence M. Wilson
Man in the iron maskBilly Bragg
Manx Lullaby, TheUnknown
Maria's WeddingLarry Kirwan
Matty GrovesTraditional
McAlpine's FusiliersDominic Behan
McPherson's LamentTraditional
Me and JennyStian Tønnesen
Memory Of The Dead, TheJohn Kells Ingram
Men Behind The WireUnknown
Men Of The West, TheWilliam Rooney
Mermaid, TheTraditional
Mero, ThePete St. John
Merry PloughboyUnknown
Michael CollinsDerek Warfield
Michael DwyerPeadar Kearney
Mick McGuireTraditional
Mickey's WarningTraditional
Mingulay Boat SongTraditional
Minstrel Boy, TheThomas Moore
Mna na hÉireannPeadar Ó Doirnín, Seán Ó Riada
Mo Chailín RuaTraditional, Pádraigin Ní Uallachain
Mo Ghile MearSeán Clárach MacDomhnaill
Molly MaguiresBill Martin, Phil Coulter
Molly MaloneTraditional
Moonshiner, TheTraditional
Mormond BraesTraditional
Mountains Of Pomeroy, TheDr. G. Sigerson
Muirsheen DurkinTraditional
My Father Once Said to MeMark Westphal
My Heart Is In IrelandBrian Warfield
My Love She's But A Lassie YetRobert Burns
My Son TedTraditional
My Wild Irish RoseChauncey Olcott
My Youngest Son Came Home TodayEric Bogle
Níl Sé 'Na LáTraditional
N'ere will I roamHugh O'Neill, Annemarie Costello
Nancy WhiskeyTraditional
Navvy BootsTraditional
Navvy, TheAndy McLarney
Nell Flaherty's DrakeTraditional
Nelson's FarewellJoe Dolan
Net Hauling SongEwan MacColl
Never too earlyStef Sigfalk
New GenerationThe O'Brien Brothers
New York, New York 10009Larry Kirwan
Night Visiting SongTraditional
Nightingale, TheTraditional
NinaMark Westphal
Nineteen MenDermot Hegarty
Ninety-EightWilliam Rooney
No FrontiersJimmy McCarthy
NocturnePetter Skavlan
North Sea HolesEwan MacColl
Not the first timeStef Sigfalk
Now I'm EasyEric Bogle
O'Connell's Steam EngineTraditional
O'Donnell AbúTraditional
O'Donnell Of TipperaryUnknown
Oft In The Stilly NightThomas Moore
Oh MaureenLarry Kirwan
Old Bog Road, TheTeresa Brayton
Old Fenian Gun, TheP. O'Neill
Old Triangle, TheBrendan Behan
On The Banks Of The HudsonLarry Kirwan
On the BlanketMick Hanley, Christy Moore
On The One RoadFrancis O'Donovan
On The SeaUnknown
Only Our Rivers Run FreeMichael McConnell
Oró Sé Do Bheatha 'BhailePádraig Pearse
Oró, Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile (original lyrics, Jacobite version)Traditional
Ordinary ManChristy Moore
Ould Woman From Wexford, TheTraditional
Paddle Your Own CanoeTraditional
Paddy Public Enemy No. 1Shane MacGowan
Paddy's Got A Brand New ReelLarry Kirwan
Paddy's LamentationUnknown
Padraic PearseBrian Warfield
Parcel Of RoguesRobert Burns
Parting Glass, TheTraditional
Patriot Game, TheDominic Behan
Paul Robeson (Born to be Free)Larry Kirwan
Páid O´DonoghuePatrick Archer
Pearse JordanMaire McNally
Peatbog Soldiers, TheTraditional
Peggy GordonTraditional
People's Own M.P, TheUnknown
Pick Up Your RifleMark Westphal
PrayerRolf Lovland, Fionnuala Sherry
Price Of My PigUnknown
Protect And SurviveJohn Clifden
Protestant MenTraditional
Provos lullabyTraditional
Pub With No Beer, TheGordon Parsons
Quare Bungle RyeTraditional
Rambler From Clare, TheUnknown
Rambles Of SpringTommy Makem
Ramblin' RoverAndy M. Stewart
Rapparee, TheSeamus McGrath, Tom Brett, Michael O'Brien, James English
Rare Old Mountain Dew, TheSamuel Lover
Rare Ould Times, ThePete St. John
Rattlin' Roarin' WillieTraditional
Ready for the StormUnknown
Rebel HeartFrancis A Fahy
Rebel's Sermon, TheEva of the Nation
Recruiting Sergeant, TheTraditional
Red Hair MaryTraditional
Red headed BeeStef Sigfalk
Red Is The RoseTraditional
Red Roses For MeSean O'Casey
Reilly's DaughterTraditional
Restless FarewellBob Dylan
Reynard the FoxTraditional
Ri Na CruinneClannad
Rifles of the I.R.A, TheUnknown
Ripe and Bearded BarleyUnknown
Rising Of The Moon, TheTraditional
Road To RuinLarry Kirwan
Rock On RockallUnknown
Rockin' The BronxLarry Kirwan
Rocky Road To Dublin, TheUnknown
Roddy McCorley (I)Traditional
Roddy McCorley (II)Ethna Carbery
Roddy McCorley (III)Ethna Carbery
Roddy McCorley (IIII)Unknown
Roll Of HonourGerry O'Glacain
Rory O'MoreUnknown
Rose of Tralee, TheTraditional
Rose of Tralee, TheJohn Brougham
Rouse, HiberniansUnknown
Rovin' Journeyman, TheTraditional
Royal Blackbird, TheUnknown
Rubber Bullets (for the ladies)Unknown
Sally WheatleyTraditional
Sam HallTraditional
SAM SongGerry O'Glacain
Santy AnnoTraditional
Sarah CurranThomas Moore
Say hello to the provosUnknown
Sea Around Us, TheDominic Behan
Sean Sabhat of GarryowenUnknown
Sean South of GarryowenTraditional
Sean TreacyJ. Crofts
Sean van VoghtUnknown
Searching for Lambs / As I went out one May morningUnknown
Sergeant's Lamentation, TheUnknown
Set Ireland FreeUnknown
Seven Deadly SinsTraditional
Seven Drunken NightsTraditional
Shall My Soul Pass Thru Old Ireland?Unknown
She Moved Through the FairUnknown
Shoals Of HerringEwan MacColl
Sick Note, ThePat Cooksey
SigmaDavid Agnew
Silent, O MoyleThomas Moore
Silver and GoldAndy McLarney
Sing, Irishman, SingUnknown
Siuil a ruinUnknown
Skipping RhymesShane MacGowan
SlievenamonCharles Kickham
Sligo FairJonathan Ledingham
Smashing of the van (Glasgow version)Unknown
Smashing of the van (Manchester version)Unknown
Sniper's PromiseUnknown
So CruelBono
Soldier and the Tinkerboy, TheAndy McLarney
Son of God goes forth to war, TheReginald Heber
SonaMick O'Brien
Song For IrelandPhil Colclough, June Colclough
Song For MarcellaBik McFarlane
Song For The BraveBrian O'Higgins
Song Of The CeltsTraditional
Song With No Name, TheShane MacGowan
Sound The PibrochTraditional
Spancil HillUnknown
Star Of The County DownTraditional
Step It Out MarySeán McCarthy
Stone outside Dan Murphy's doorPatterson
Streams Of WhiskeyShane MacGowan
Sunday Bloody SundayJohn Lennon, Yoko Ono
Sunday Bloody SundayChris Byrne
Sunday Bloody SundayBono
Sunny Sailor BoyMike Scott
Surrounded By WaterDominic Behan
Tá mé i mo shuíTraditional
Táimse im' chodhladhTraditional
Tóigfidh mé mo sheoltaTraditional
Take It Down From The MastUnknown
Take Me Home To MayoUnknown
Teddy Bear's Head, TheBrian Warfield
That Woman's Got Me DrinkingShane MacGowan
The Carrion CrowTraditional
The Foggy Dew (II)Traditional
The Rambler from Clare
The Wake of The BarrelTraditional
There Are No Pubs In KirkintillochUnknown
There Will Be Another DayChris Byrne
They Wounded Old IrelandUnknown
Thirty-Two Countries, TheTimothy Daniel Sullivan
Thousands Are SailingPhilip Chevron
Three Score And TenTraditional
Tim McGuireLeon Rosselson
Time To GoChris Byrne
Tiocfaidh an samhradhAltan
Tiree Love SongTraditional
Tom WilliamsUnknown
Tone Is Coming Back AgainUnknown
Tone's GraveThomas Osbourne Davis
Too Late To Turn BackLarry Kirwan
Town I Loved So Well, ThePhil Coulter
Tramps And HawkersTraditional
Tri-Coloured RibbonPeadar Kearney
Tubbercurry / My favorite place on earthUnknown
Twa CorbiesTraditional
Ugly Mrs. FenD. Miller
Uist Tramping SongTraditional
Unfinished RevolutionUnknown
Upton AmbushUnknown
VagabondsJustin Sullivan
Valley Of Knockanure, TheTim Leahy
Van Diemen's LandUnknown
VictoriaBrian O'Higgins
Vinegar HillLarry Kirwan
Voodoo CityLarry Kirwan
Wake Up, IrishmanChris Byrne
WanderlustG. Curtis
Wasn't that a partyTom Paxton
Waxies Dargle, TheTraditional
Wearing Of The Green, TheUnknown
Wee Weaver, TheTraditional
Weile WaileTraditional
West's Awake, TheThomas Osbourne Davis
Westering HomeTraditional
Whack Fol The DiddlePeadar Kearney
What Would You Do If You Married A Soldier?Traditional
When Irish Eyes Are SmilingErnest Ball, Chauncey Olcott, Geo Graff Jr
Whiskey In The JarTraditional
Whiskey Is The Life Of ManTraditional
Whiskey On A SundayGlyn Hughes
Whiskey, You're The DevilTraditional
Whistling Gypsy, TheTraditional
Who Killed Bobby Fuller?Larry Kirwan
Why I Follow CelticUnknown
Widow and the Devil, TheMick Ryan
Wild Colonial Boy, TheTraditional
Wild Rover, TheTraditional
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?Traditional
William BloatRaymond Calvert
Wind That Shakes The Barley, TheRobert Dwyer Joyce
Woman Cried, TheBobby Sands
Women Are Worse Than the Men, TheTraditional
Women Of IrelandUnknown
Work Of The Weavers, TheTraditional
Wrap it UpNeil Johnston
Wrap The Green Flag Round Me, BoysJ. K. O'Reilly
Ye Jacobites By NameRobert Burns
You'll Never Walk AloneOscar Hammerstein
Young Ned of the HillTerry Woods, Ron Kavana
Your Daughters And Your SonsTommy Sands
Zoological Gardens, TheTraditional