A Song Of The Loyal Irish
Brian O'Higgins
Boys, O Boys! Listen here to me,
We´re going to live in a State that´s Free,
Good English citizens all we´ll be;
And friends of the Princess Royal;
If we only flop on our hands and knees
And swear by George of the lands and seas
To wipe the green from the Irish trees
And for evermore be loyal.

We´ll welcome George with a slavish smile
We´ll greet him in real colonial style,
Back out of his presence half a mile,
Like English Whigs and Tories;
We´ll damn the deeds of the true and brave
Who are sleeping in many an Irish grave
Bow down like beggars and humbly crave
For a share in England´s glories.

We´ll curse the name of the rebel Tone,
And of every rebel our land has known
And all who hated the English throne,
And fought for the Irish Nation,
We´ve torn up every oath and vow,
We´re part of the civilised Empire now,
And the annals of England will teach us how
To make sure of our soul´s salvation!

All hail the glorious Union Jack!
(Though steeped in the blood of the white and the black)
We´ll paste it to Ireland´s bended back
To prove to the world she´s loyal;
We´ll stifle her voice, we´ll drown her cries,
We´ll blacken her face with loyal lies,
Throw royal dust in her angry eyes
And hooray for George the Royal!